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Turnitin have flaws as duplicate content checker

Plagiarism is the simplest and fasted way to open the doors of doomsday. Failing the assignment without a choice. Loose your future from scanning your research paper with Turnitin.com duplicate content checker. Rumours have been spreading fast concerning students failing because of plagiarized papers. Most of these students automatically received a zero grade without ifs […]

Infringement case regarding students intellectual rights

Turnitin has been most efficient and accurate in detecting similarities between the student’s research paper and other people’s work found in the internet and from their company database. The issue of copyrights has been creating global controversy. People especially its users have been questioning the legal implications of the action and the safety of their […]

What about Turnitin rumors?

Millions of students enrolled from high school to post graduate studies write millions of essays each year. For each essay they write is an ironclad rule instruction of no plagiarism. All universities and colleges were clear on this thing. Absolutely no plagiarism or you suffer the consequence of verbal warning, suspension, or being expelled from […]