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How not to plagiarize?

One best way to avoid being accused of plagiarism is to be honest that you had stumbled your idea from another author. The other way is to realize that your idea and the way you express them may be similar with the words written by another author who happens to publish his work ahead of […]

Plagiarism best defense technique online

The best plagiarism defense technique online is running your research paper on a plagiarism checker. There may be instances that you really need to synthesize or quote the author word for word. You do not have to stress yourself worrying about this. All you need to do is to properly give credit the original author […]

Top reasons why plagiarism occurs

The occurrences of plagiarism have been made in several forms. This problem has been evolving across places in the globe. The threat to intellectual property is so rampant it has been considered as a plague so attached to mankind. Plagiarism is dangerous and the consequences are unimaginable because the law protects and respects intellectual property […]

Avoid plagiarism the right way

Plagiarism is the act of presenting the work of another person by merely copying text and ideas from his materials without properly giving due recognition on his efforts and creativity. Most countries maintain a legal system that would defend intellectual works. The best way is to make it a habit not to copy the works […]

Web content development avoid plagiarism tips for online copywriters

Online copywriters need to know that this task is very delicate and requires 100% original unplagiarized text. You need to know that there are consequences if you copy the text of other websites. You and your client will be facing infringement or piracy issues against the website you copied content. Copying is theft and you […]

Web content copyright law protection against plagiarism

The internet moves and motivates people to follow their lead in any direction the flow would take them. The most common lead is making money by generating traffic from their websites. People who possess creative imagination but lack the time to create original content prefer to copy and paste the articles or content of other […]

Plagiarism is heartbreaking for tutors

I have been working as a tutor grading students essay writing and research paper writing for 5 years now. One main problem that I find it difficult to eliminate is the attitude and perception of the students to complete their assignments by copying and pasting content from related research publications found in the internet. I […]

Effective techniques to avoid plagiarism

The art of plagiarism has been challenging students against being technically expelled from the university or receiving legal charges for breach of copyright laws. Plagiarism particularly refers to taking the same content and idea with another published author without making proper citation. This act could be done in an unintentional or accidental manner but still […]