What about Turnitin rumors?

Millions of students enrolled from high school to post graduate studies write millions of essays each year. For each essay they write is an ironclad rule instruction of no plagiarism. All universities and colleges were clear on this thing. Absolutely no plagiarism or you suffer the consequence of verbal warning, suspension, or being expelled from school.

 Methods used by schools

Some tutors make students sign a pledge that the work should be original in form. At present, universities and tutors subscribed to Turnitin to check the essays of students from plagiarism. Turnitin is web based plagiarism software that checks duplicate research papers submitted by students with other content across the internet. Turnitin has been very popular among universities and colleges because it is 100% efficient in catching cheaters. One thing for sure, Turnitin is very efficient in comparing research papers across the internet. The outcome in catching cheaters will be creating a wall of distrust between the instructors and the students because of the implication that students are cheating with their assignments.

 Your rights as student

The research papers you write and sweat spending time making research is your own original work. The assignments, essays, or research papers you submitted to academic institutions are automatically sealed with your copyright. There is no need to apply for international intellectual rights on your research paper.

 What you lose when scanning your paper with Turnitin

The very first thing you lose when you scan your paper on Turnitin web based plagiarism checker is your intellectual property right. Turnitin automatically saves a copy of all scanned papers to their database without asking the consent of the user.

 Legal and ethical implications

Saving a copy of the research paper without the consent of the user is unethical practice and violates the right of the student over the research paper. The act of saving a copy of the paper is already considered as copyright infringement. Copyright laws allow a part of any original work for reference or quote if allowed by the author for use in any discussion. Turnitin breached all of the copyright laws by not asking the permission of the users.