Turnitin have flaws as duplicate content checker

Plagiarism is the simplest and fasted way to open the doors of doomsday. Failing the assignment without a choice. Loose your future from scanning your research paper with Turnitin.com duplicate content checker. Rumours have been spreading fast concerning students failing because of plagiarized papers. Most of these students automatically received a zero grade without ifs or buts. The first reaction of the students would be extreme disbelief and just staring at the zero graded paper.

How could someone do stupid act of copying and pasting other people’s work? Onlookers, who mostly are not experienced writers, would never understand that most instances of plagiarism were unintentional. Going through search engines to check your work is time consuming and annoying. Of course, students honestly writing their assignments would assume that they created original sentences without being aware that at times their selection of words and organization of phrases might come out similar with other people. Students would assume the essays were entirely original because they did not copy. However, accidents between like-minded people happen. They tend to create similar phrases because they have every tendency to express things in similar manner.

The most possible circumstance that could happen is for some sentences appearing as similar with other author’s writings or works even if the student is not aware about the existence of the author and the work. Things like this could happen even with professional writers. This accident is inevitable. This is how human brains work. Coincidences do occur at times, which is never the fault of the student. It is also a fact that students’ sources for essays would come from books and reliable peer reviewed journals.

The settings for the site did not include text sources. The software only checks the duplicate phrases from the internet and their database. The duplicate content checker does not have the ability to check quality of work and references. It only performs comparisons of similar phrases. Sometimes, it produces reports that page numbers were plagiarized.