Plagarism and its consequences

Plagarism has been considered as an unresolved problem in the academia world. The educational institutions never accepted this practice. The legal, academic, and societal consequences are quite diverse and heartbreaking. Here are some consequences of submitting plagarized research papers:

Personal, being caught and convicted with plagarism is embarrassing. You lose your credibility while the experience will haunt you for long especially if this thing gets mention during job interviews. The society viewed people who copy other people’s work as fraud or phony who cannot be trusted. This will crumple your confidence and make your future a bit vague because employers many not offer you employment.

In the society, plagarism does not go into newspaper headlines anymore. You get expelled and say goodbye to your career. Trust is important and copying another person’s work shows that you cannot create original composition of yourself. A legal system protects original authors from plagarism. Being dragged into plagarism may not be good for you and your career.

Student caught performing plagarism may receive a verbal warning largely depending on the intensity of the plagarized work. Some would receive a failing grade. However, most students are getting expelled from the university. This expulsion status is very difficult for any one. Universities implement harsher punishment if you are caught with plagarism these days. This serious offense could be avoided if you check your work with any free plagarism checker online before submission.

Reasons why universities are getting harsh with plagarism:

This is unfair to the original authors who spent much time and effort making research and analyzing their work. This is betrayal to their trust that they would be given due credit on their works. This will create confusion about claiming the work and at least disappoint creative minds to write original literary works again. Plagarism definition and its concept has been rooted in a clearer term of dishonesty.