How not to plagiarize?

One best way to avoid being accused of plagiarism is to be honest that you had stumbled your idea from another author. The other way is to realize that your idea and the way you express them may be similar with the words written by another author who happens to publish his work ahead of yours. What am I trying to make you understand here? The truth is that in every intentions, whether innocent or good, one would always find flaws. These flaws happen to be identified words that have the same organization and sentence structure as used by other authors or websites. What does having those flaws mean to you? This means that you need to check the whole write up before you submit or post your work with a plagiarism checker.

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Evaluating one’s originality could be difficult if you do not use the right tool for text comparison. The free plagiarism checker could help you evaluate which words or phrases needed intext citation, author referencing, or rewriting. The plagiarism checker actually tells you to edit the words found in other people’s work so you do not get penalized for plagiarism. The best way is to check at the percent duplicate and then rephrase the identified duplicates.

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It is easy to copy and paste but you do not want to take the risk of being penalized by your university or even by search engines. See beyond and understand that your future depends on how you do things today. The aim of the search engines and educational institutions is to respect the hard work of others and their intellectual rights over their hard work. This would result to development of a creative society. The work of others should not be copied but they could be synthesized or rewritten. Still, you need to make the proper reference of where you got the idea.