Avoid plagiarism the right way

Plagiarism is the act of presenting the work of another person by merely copying text and ideas from his materials without properly giving due recognition on his efforts and creativity. Most countries maintain a legal system that would defend intellectual works. The best way is to make it a habit not to copy the works of others.

Best methods to avoid plagiarism

  • Rewrite and synthesize ideas
  • Properly cite the ideas you taken from the work of another author
  • Do not copy

Best tool to avoid plagiarism

The best tool you can use to avoid plagiarism is free plagiarism checker. After running your article or research paper in a plagiarism checker, you will obtain a complete report of the originality of your research paper. It is best to have 100% originality. However, if after all the rewriting and paraphrasing it still showed the same percent originality, then you need to cite the plagiarized part properly.

Techniques to help you with research

Read lots of materials closely associated with your research topic. Get the idea and integrate. You can very well create your own idea out of the base topic. Make a good timetable that would help you complete your project. Make the research ahead of time so you do not panic and copy when it is already deadline.

The most important thing is to try not to be lazy. Being lazy would force you to copy others because you do not want to write on your own. Let that pretty brain of yours work and complete your research ahead of time.

Learn how to paraphrase properly without disrupting the flow of ideas. Rewording is considered by most institution as still plagiarism. Paraphrasing would mean stating the idea in your own thoughts. Do not lose the confidence of other people on you. Learn how to write in your own words or paraphrase properly.